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The Wheel of Life: Do a quick self-assessment

Rate yourself on the “spokes” of the wheel from zero in the centre to ten on the outer edge in every area. Now join the dots and see if your wheel is “flat” in some areas…..this will show you that you can improve in this specific area to make your wheel run smoothly and achieve balance in life.

Have you drawn your wheel of life? Contact me to discuss your results.

Life Coaching Topics

Your Career


Is your career stalled? Are you in the wrong career? Do you need a new job? I can help you make changes.


If your relationship with your partner isn’t working, it can help to have someone to discuss it with. Give me a call.


We spend most of our life at work and if your relationship with your boss isn’t working or you have other problems at work, it can affect all aspects of your life. I have some solutions.



Maybe the thought of working for yourself appeals to you, but you haven’t been able to get started? I can help you get yourself moving forward and help you to think through the business idea and develop a clear plan of action. I am also there to support you through the transition period and help you overcome any obstacles along the way.

Negative thoughts and self-doubt

Many of us are limited by the opinions of others, including our parents, colleagues and friends. If you feel the time is right to change the way you feel about yourself, come and talk to me.

Smoking, alcohol, drugs?

If you think you’re addicted to something, whether that’s shopping or drugs, it’s useful to talk to a coach about how to remove that desire. I have proven strategies that work.

Running your own business

It can be lonely being self-employed. The most successful business owners have a coach who acts as an earpiece. Try it to see if it works for you.

The new recruit

Starting in a new job can be quite stressful. I can help and guide you through those first few months to help build your confidence in your new job.