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Recruitment Services

Our Recruitment Services include

  • Recruitment and searching for permanent staff in all industries
  • Checking / verification services:  references, credit record, criminal record, education and drivers license etc.
  • Professional CV service

The Recruitment and Selection Process

  1. Sourcing candidates: advertising / database / networking
  2. Screening CV’s
  3. Checks: skills, references, education, credit, criminal, drivers, employment history confirmation.
  4. Face to face interviews.
  5. Shortlist candidates, obtain permission to submit CV
  6. Refer candidate CV to client
  7. Brief candidate for interview
  8. Client interview
  9. Obtain client feedback after interview, debrief candidate
  10. Obtain offer in writing
  11. Make offer to candidate
  12. Obtain letter of appointment and negotiate starting date
  13. Obtain signature of candidate
  14. Placement of candidate
  15. Regret unsuccessful candidates
  16. First day call to client and candidate
  17. Second week call to client and candidate (First coaching session)
  18. Second coaching session during 2nd month
  19. Third coaching session during 3rd month


Submit Your CV

To join the data base send your CV to cv@ikonconsulting.co.za. Please list which positions you would like to apply for and what your salary expectation would be.

To ensure your CV has all the correct information, please refer to our CV template.


Important information for Candidates

  • We do interviews on Saturdays and after hours in the week, to accommodate you.
  • There is absolutely no cost to you for us to assist you in changing your  career or finding you employment with one of our clients.
  • We do not contact your current employer for references.
  • We work strictly according to the POPI Act (Protection of Personal Information Act).
  • We only submit your CV to our clients for application for a position, once we have done all the work on our side, which include interviews and reference checks and discussing the opportunity with you. We will not submit your CV to our clients, prior to this.
  • If you have submitted your CV to our client already, either on your own or through another agency, then regretfully we can't assist you with that application.
  • As our clients pay us a fee to find someone for them, they have certain selection criteria and we need to honour that. If you apply and you don't have the relevant requirements as per the job ad, we regretfully can't help you....very much like when you go to a restaurant and you order a specific meal and the waitress serves you something else. It is not what you asked for and you are not prepared to pay for it. Please respect this.

Candidate Application Process

  1. Candidate submits CV and required documents in application of the position advertised.
  2. If the candidate qualifies for the position as per the clients requirements, an IKON Consulting consultant will contact the candidate.
  3. The candidate complete an application form, which includes a permission for references document.
  4. We do reference checks and previous employment verification, based on the information you provided us and given us permission to contact. (POPI)
  5. The  candidate will be required to submit proof of salary and commission income depending on the position applied for.
  6. If the above is in line with the clients' requirements, we meet you for an interview.
  7. The Client may require proof of criminal clearance and clear credit record and will be informed of this and what to do next to get these verifications done.
  8. The CV is then submitted to the client in application of the position.
  9. We adviseThe Candidate if they were selected for an interview or if their application was declined.
  10. We give you feedback on your interview and the application. (Refer to the Recruitment Process Above)