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About Ilse

Ilse van Vuuren

When I qualified as a Life Coach in June 2012, I made a decision to start my own business! I started IKON Consulting in August 2013 and I am grateful to say that I have been able to help so many people already, may it be through life coaching, business coaching, finding them a new job or helping a client find the right person for their team!

I work with integrity, honesty, confidentiality, love and passion for people and for what I do. I believe my qualification and years of experience in recruitment and sales have been of great value to me and I can now pass this on to my clients in the quality of service I deliver.

The motor industry has been such a great part of my life for many years with my father working for Ford SA and both my brothers also involved in the trade (Sales and Service Management at Franchise Dealerships). I was employed at franchise dealerships myself and therefore have a great understanding of the requirements and challenges of this amazing trade!

I am grateful to say that my client base is growing outside of the motor industry and I am blessed with wonderful new clients from other industries. I want to say "Thank You!" to my clients for their ongoing support and to new customers for having faith in my abilities.

Symbolism of the peacock feathers

I chose peacock feathers as it is such a powerful symbol of change and renewal and relates beautifully with coaching, symbolising new beginnings.

In early Christianity a peacock was an emblem of rebirth; in Buddhism it represents compassionate watchfulness; in Hinduism the peacock represents patience, kindness, good luck and compassion; in Asian spirituality it is an emblem of love, goodwill, nurturing and having a kind heart. ♥